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    "'If there is anything to religion, it ought to produce results,' it should work."
    -- Frank Robinson

    " . . . a correlation of laws of science, opinions of philosophy, and revelations of religion applied to the needs and aspirations of humankind"
    -- Ernest Holmes

    Depending on who you talk to, contemporary New Thought either began with Phineas Quimby (born 1802), Ralph Waldo Emerson (born 1803), or Anne Hutchinson (born 1591). Of course, the roots of New Thought find their way to the beginning of humanity when the first women and men began to visualize better ways to do things, whether it was the creation of a stone axe, or the planting of seeds. These roots grew stronger with the Greeks, the Chinese (both Lao Tzu and Confucious), Buddha, and found an excellent manifestation through Christ and then eventually humanity awoke to its innate potential to co-create.

    "There will be a new church founded on moral science; at first cold and naked, a babe in a manger again, the algebra and mathematics of ethical law, the church of men to come, with­out shawms, or psaltery, or sackbut; but it will have heaven and earth for its beams and rafters; science for symbol and illustration; it will fast enough gather beauty, music, picture, poetry." -- The Gospel of Emerson

    New Thought Today is a diverse movement around the world with many independent practitioners as well as teachers and ministers. There are denominations and independent centers. There is spiritual New Thought and business New Thought.

    The difference between the two

    Spiritual New Thought is rooted in the truth that we living in a matrix of communities and through cooperation and co-creation we can create a better world for everyone. We can insure that children grow up in loving environments and are assured a good education and the ability to express themselves in life with joy and thus lead happy lives. We can insure that as we grow old that we have a peaceful retirement with good food, shelter and joyful moments that are befitting a life of service. Spiritual New Thought is demonstrated by spiritual communities which are actively living conscious ministry.

    Business New Thought is conscious business rooted in spiritual principles that insure that whatever products are produced or services accomplished support the environment, give excellent wages and benefits as well as contribute to a better world which leaves a legacy of love, health and joyful communities. Business New Thought is noted for good working conditions and contribution to the community we live and the greater communities of our countries and the world.

    Around the world today more and more people are turning to New Thought

    Whether DivineUnity or any of the other New Thought denominations, we see a growing number of people attending New Thought centers and joining New Thought Communities. Some elect to make New Thought a part of their life while remaining within other spiritual communities. These are people who see the value of the Universal Matrix of Understanding that New Thought provides and also wish to share in the current spiritual community of their family or friends. Others wish to let go of the past and begin in the present to create a future which they can be more happy with.

    Regardless of which one of these groups you belong to, you are welcome.