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  • The Word
  • Journaling
  • Goal Setting/Planning
  • Meditation
  • Contemplation
  • Visualization
  • Affirmative Prayer
  • Your Word is Your Wand
  • As It Is Written So Let It Be
  • Setting Goals
  • Types of Meditation
  • Focusing On Objects
  • Directing Your Imagination
  • 5 Step Treatment
  • Speaking Your Word
  • Revealing The Essence
  • Making Plans
  • 15 Minutes 2x Per Day
  • Effects of Contemplation
  • Visualization & Success
  • 7 Step Treatment
  • Affirmation
  • Deeper Realizations
  • Following Through
  • Namu Myoho Renge Kyo
  • Making Choices
  • Amazing Results
  • Supporting Others
  • "You and I are here as a direct result of this Cosmic Spiritual Impulse of Law. You may call it God if you will, although I question whether the idea of a God is even logical. It has been accepted, however by many; so we will here call this Great Impulse GOD. You exist by and through the existence of this God-Law; consequently, you are a part of the original and only existing thinking Spiritual God-Impulse."

    Tell us about you...

    Course Application for DivineUnity Classes

    This Class is designed to support you in creating a personal spiritual practice.

    Well, you are obviously a caring person who wishes to enhance our world, contribute to world peace and share your gifts of Spirituality with others. The beginning of all change in your world begins with you. "Be the change you wish to see in the world"

    The Keys To Heaven Foundations Class and other DivineUnity classes are designed to support you to achieve evolution in consciousness through conscious participation. This will support and enhance your personal and professional life and in turn you may like to contibute to the enhancement and growth of people around our globe through practical and applicable spiritual teachings.

    This is an online community class which provides you with a spiritual journey. We will take this journey together. If your desire is to become a Spiritual Leader then this class is essential, Spiritual leaders have a special responsiblitiy with the teachers and the leaders out there to bring these teachings forth for others,and the people that simply desire peace on earth and inside their own personnal lives.

    We want you to be happy in your choice, to become the very best you can be .Just as the Masters over time have spread their love and ancient wisdom through out the ages to this time in the 21st century. We all are aware of the need for inner peace.

    No matter where you come, from what side of the planet, nor does it matter your religious denomination, it is not of Love to harm another human. We all came from somewhere, we all live different lives, yet we are all human and divine.

    Where do we go to from here, well let us take this journey with the blessing of the many masters of times gone past. they did not leave footsteps and wisdom for us to follow for no reason. We have reached a time where there is no other way to go, we come to a place of incredible times of natural disasters on a daily basis around our globe. Mother nature is trying to tell us something. Why do we not hear, we still do not see, or do we. Are we in a time where we are full of fear for our futures. These are days our generations have not known before on many levels.

    With this in mind, and with the the blessings of the Masters of Ancient wisdom we must reach a place of decision.

    I know this class will enahnce your peronnal/professional lives, let us unfold to our divinty, enjoy wonderful happy lives, bring peace on earth, feed the hungry, turn this current of greed war and destruction around, and all stand together as we are, where we are, with our beliefs and our own ways intact, and happy to move forward together into peace on earth, including with love taking very, very, good care of our planet, our Mother Earth that does sustain you and I and all people, let us go from the past ways, let us heal our Earth and ourselves, for the now and forward to the future, to sustain us all in these days and future generations.


    With a bit of guidance from your mentor, fill this form out completely and submit it now.

    These courses have helped countless participants in growing and evolving into higher consciousness. The crucial component to growth is you, the participant.

    There is no right or wrong answer to the questions. There is your answer!

    We believe that you are an amazing and delightful spiritual being!

    We understand that all people go through ups and downs. Everyone encounters various challenges.
    Through teamwork, these challenges can more easily be surmounted.

    You are on a wonderful journey of empowerment.

    If you are accepted for this course, you are part of a class team. Your minister is the point person on your team, but you are responsible for your progress. We will support you on this venture as long as you are doing your homework and demonstrating a professional and caring attitude.

    It is important to attend your classes and do your assignments. Do not be tardy and if you going to miss an appontment be sure and call in advance. This is an excellent course and there are other participants who would like to attend class. Many classes fill up quickly and

    When you have finished filling out this form, please click the "submit" button.

    Thank you for your wonderful support! We appreciate all that you are and do!

    The Course Application must be completed by all potential participants
    before admission or participation in any of the classes.

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