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    "'If there is anything to religion, it ought to produce results,' it should work."
    ~ Richard Bach

    “When you have to make a choice and don't make it, that is in itself a choice.”
    ~ William James

    We find ourselves making choices in every day life, in practically every activity we do. Making thoughtful choices is something we need to learn to do.

    When we make a firm choice in or about anything it is good to know that we on our own made that choice without outter influence. For in these moments of choice we could change our lives and perhaps not be fully prepared for the effects.

    We know if we have made a wrong choice, we feel it as we enter it living itself out in our lives. If it is only a small thing it will pass through our lives very quickly without much noticible effect. If it is a large choice and we find ourselves as an example married to the wrong person, we then have to see that as we come to feel the wrongness of this choice not only do we effect ourselves but others in our lives. So here we use the tool of contemplation, and learn to make conscious choices, choices that are good for you and your life and will harm no other.