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    To pray well is the better half of study.
    ~ Martin Luther

    " . . . a correlation of laws of science, opinions of philosophy, and revelations of religion applied to the needs and aspirations of humankind"
    -- Ernest Holmes

    Affirmative Prayer has 5 Steps

    Step 1 - Recognition
    --this step is where we are recognizing that GreatSpirit/God/Good is flowing through everything and always here. It is only our perspective that keeps us from knowing this truth.

    Step 2 - Unification
    --this step is where we are recognizing that because Great Spirit/God/Good flows through everything, then it flows through each person always and is flowing through me right now.

    Step 3 - Realization
    - -this step is where one is realizing that since God/Great Spirit/Good is flowing through everything, and through me all the time, that I must only realize the truth that I am one with whatever good I am asking for and in that knowledge it will manifest in my life for highest good.

    Step 4 - Thanksgiving
    --at this point it is very important to feel gratitude. This is considered one of the most important steps. The feeling of gratitude and thanksgiving is essential. Feel this thanksgiving deeply and feel the beauty of the fact that what you are asking for will manifest. Have faith in this and express this faith through gratitude.

    Step 5 - Release
    --at this point you are releasing your word into the hands of God/Great Spirit or what physicists call the Unified Field of First Cause knowing that all that you have asked for that is good will manfest. You have planted the seeds and they will manifest according to the Universal Law of Cause and Effect because "as ye sow, so shall ye reap".

    7 Step Treatment