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    "Prayer is not only asking, but an attitude of mind
    which produces the atmosphere in which asking is perfectly natural."
    ~ Oswald Chambers

    The prayer power has never been tried to its full capacity…if we want to see might wonders of divine power and grace wrought in the place of weakness, failure and disappointment, let us answer God’s standing challenge, “Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not.
    ~ J. Hudson Taylor

    1. CLARIFY = God is all love, peace, power beauty, joy in all things

    2 IDENTIFY = Where I am God is , Where God is I am

    3 UNIFY = My Good and i are one, what is good for me harms no other.

    4 SIMPLIFY = Law of Mind establishes this in my experience now, what i expect to haoppen happens.

    5 SPECIFY = List the qualities and picture the the form your good will take of your good desired,

    6 AMPLIFY = Awaken, and enjoy the feeling, of living your good, feel as if your demonstration was in your experience now.

    7 GLORIFY = The life of God in action around and within you, glorify your living power of good, glory in the Spirit of Love.

    Supporting Others