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    There is a place where thou canst touch the eyes
    Of blinded men to instant, perfect sight;
    There is a place where thou canst say, “Arise”
    To dying captives, bound in chains of night;
    There is a place where thou canst reach the store
    Of hoarded gold and free it for the Lord;
    There is a place–upon some distant shore–
    Where thou canst send the worker and the Word.
    Where is that secret place–dost thou ask, “Where?”
    O soul, it is the secret place of prayer!

    ~ Alfred Lord Tennyson

    "I awaken into joy, energized with the divine. I am divinely guided in all that I do, to the perfect decisions and enjoy the best outcomes in all that I do"

    Right Speech is an important tool in personal development.

    Just as the way we think affects the way we speak, the way we speak affects the way we think. In fact much has been written in the field of cognitive psychology about "self talk" and how this affects our self esteem and our interactions with others. Being mindful of our speech can have a wonderful effect on all our relationships and most importantly upon ourselves.   Let no idle or cruel words form from your lips and you will see an amazing transformation of your life. 
    Changing our speech patterns can be hard when we have developed bad habits of speech.  

    Use the power of your speech to reprogram your mind and through this to transform your life.