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  • There are Keys to Heaven. They are the Tools of Transformation

    "'If there is anything to religion, it ought to produce results,' it should work."
    -- Frank Robinson

    " . . . a correlation of laws of science, opinions of philosophy, and revelations of religion applied to the needs and aspirations of humankind"
    -- Ernest Holmes

    Keys to Heaven:
    "On Earth, as it is in Heaven."
    The Seven Tools of Transformation provide the keys to insure that together in partnership with the Divine we can create a better life for us all.

    The first step to beginning a journey is the step that takes us away for the place we are in the direction of the place we want to go. If we are building a house, it would be easier to accomplish if we have a full set of tools: a hammer, a screwdriver, a saw and many other tools. It would be hard to build the entire house with only a hammer or only a screwdriver. Sometimes in DivineUnity you will hear the expression, "We are building our home of tommorrow in our hearts today." This is about our application of our personal spiritual practice.

    A wise teacher once said, "The Kingdom is within." We are able to unveil this kingdom through unlocking the doors that have somehow become closed and locked in our hearts. We begin with the word, because it is simple and easy to apply in our lives. We go on to the journal, because it offers us a powerful tool to state our intentions and chart our progress as well as retain the beautiful words, and images that we encounter on our journey of transformation.

    Each of us is on a journey. Our journey is either reactively programmed or proactively chosen. Most people around the world, regardless of culture grow up in families. These families have patterns: patterns of eathing, patterns of work, patterns of behavior. As children and young people we normally accept these patterns as the patterns of life, but some of us, usually later on in life awaken to the truth that perhaps there are healthier patterns and with work we can set about choosing health.

    Healthy versus normal.

    Just because the majority of people are doing something or because it is "normal" pattern for a certain group of people, does not mean that it is healthy. Normal is what the average person is doing and healthy is what we are choosing through our personal path of spiriitual evolution.

    The Keys to Heaven offers us a potent toolkit which allows us to look at ourselves and others with compassion and insight. Our application of these tools insures that we will not fall into past patterns and thereby arrest our evolution.